Friday, 16 September 2011


Your biggest pleasure, your deepest pain,

Everything you lose, everything you gain,

And all the hopes and dreams you bleed,

All the things you think you need,

Every pursuit you ached to get,

Are all the moments you regret,

Every time life made you retch,

Every muscle you built to stretch,

Everything that made you lust,

On translucent skin spurt, left to crust,

And everything that felt surreal,

The highs you’re not supposed to feel,

The times you beat her black and blue,

And when she says she still loves you,

Your crushing blows your awful lows;

She wears her makeup, no one knows.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Locked behind bones,
and muscle keyes,
Roped veins and capillaries,
Locked behind time,
and memories,
Broken dreams and spilling seed,

This is where you'll find me,
Hung and crushed in gravity,
Doing time,
Til time ends me.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

For my love

Unfinished but the only thing I've done for months

I live by the sea...

It influences everything I do!

A work in progress

One day we'll know what he looks like

Animal commisions

Ever seen animals so shiny?
Neither have I...hmmm...

A lot of people

I freckle in the sun

Underneath the outside

is the inside

You are left from the top

according to my mother...

When all else fails

One of my favourite


Maple syrup cake

I warmed to this theme...

Waken awake

To wait another day.

Perpetual motion

Yesterday it felt like summer,
It lied.

Golden light lust

Self Portraits

In the ending of real was a liberation of feeling.

I want to keep it.


Little changeling

Chocolate Beetroot cake

With an accidental topping!
The raw mixture looks like paint and tastes bitter


In the earth and the sky I'm reeling,
the feeling comes and goes.


Plump with delirium,
Sometimes honey helps me sleep

Still Beautiful Things

We're lost at sea,
Through the trees we flee,
Run Stagnant estuaries,
Ice shattered golden leaves,

Cos it was a long time, long time,
Since we screamed as loud as we pleased,
It was a long time,
Since we just breathed

We're lost at sea,
And bright burns the golden Shores we flee,
Now our lights glow silver binary,
And our stone harbours are faded memories

Well it was a long time, long time,
Since we screamed as loud as we pleased,
It was a long time,
Since we just breathed

Leave us lost at sea,
Tangled ankles, rooted weeds,
Stinging salt skin, bitter breeze

Leave us lost at sea,
To hear the waves roar, everytime they hit the shore

Leave us lost at sea,
For like the waves we'll break,
And when the current comes to us to take,

Don't rescue me.